Susanna Uusmaa

Ms. Susanna Uusmaa is the Director and Co-Founder of the Estonia Chapter for the Mass Media Division digital agency.

She holds an MSc in Biomolecular Sciences and developed a standard operating procedure for generating functional glial cells from iPSCs in 30 days. With a biomedical background and set of business skills, her ultimate goal is to make substantive contributions to the biomedical sector by creating awareness of healthy living & healthy aging. She has 6 years of experience in public relations development and strategic business operations.

She has created and nurtured mutually beneficial partnerships, enhanced workflow efficiency, decreased expenses by 30-34% in companies related to different industries, including broadcast media & the international music scene.

With her strong organizational and unique interpersonal abilities, she brings a deep understanding of business strategy, research, and development in all of Mass Media Division’s focus for the European market.

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