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Alyze Sam is a refreshing blockchain strategist, a novel educator, and a vehemently driven advocate. First, dedicating her life to her patients in hospice nursing, Sam passionately embraced the world of financial technology after nearly losing her own life in 2014. Sam feels her destiny lies within serving her community and assisting other ‘underdogs’. She is actively achieving inspiring others as a Co-Founder at  GIVE Nation, a children’s financial literacy AI/blockchain project that rewards altruism. Sam is also passionate about her director roles at several privacy-focused blockchain companies including Constellation, the Lattice Exchange, and PAC Global. Sam is a stakeholder and former Director at the ‘World Ethical Data Forum’. Charitable contributions include sitting as ‘Social Impact Advisor’ for blockchain nonprofits;, Women in Blockchain Foundation and the Liberland Foundation Aide, a country based on the blockchain. Sam also mentors women and children coming into STEM through her nonprofits.

In her free time, Sam writes for 15+ Tech Magazines. Sam wrote the first book on Stablecoins in 2017. The unbiased text takes complex practices and simplifies concepts for most audiences. In February 2020 Sam and her partners’ book, ‘Complete 2020 Guide to Stablecoins’ sat as the  #1 New Release in Business and Money on Amazon Books. *Visuals and self-publishing done by a 16-year-old Sam personally mentors: Koosha Azim, Silicon Valley, CA. Sam’s second book, ‘Stablecoin Economy,’ a university text, released May 14th, 2020. Sam’s Stablecoin research was published by Don Tapscott at The Blockchain Research Institute in January 2021. The Bad Crypto Podcast developed a Blockchain Hero NFT inspired by her work: Mz. Stability

Alyze Sam or simply “Sam” started her career by studying chemistry and theology at a private Catholic college in Wichita, Kansas. She stated she’s a self-proclaimed food chemist and enjoyed time teaching nutrition to those desiring a better quality of life. Alyze graduated nursing school in her early 20’s and has prided herself for gracefully bringing peace to the terminally ill and their families, as a certified hospice nurse.

Diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus, Alyze knew she would have to retire before her colleagues, but she never anticipated it would be in her early 30’s. While stopped at a red light, an unlicensed semi-truck driver plowed into Alyze and her family. She sustained multiple minor spinal injuries and lost her left clavicle.

Following an ICU hospital stay, she went back to work and was immediately “let go” despite the years of loyalty and hard work. Heartbroken, panicked and angry, she refused to be titled “disabled”. Determined to be a successful entrepreneur, she started taking classes at mit.edx and Udemy. She studied White Papers and asked for advice from experts. Studying guides personally given by Dmitry Buterin, paid off immensely. Feeling confident in May 2017, she pulled out her retirement fund and invested in multiple cryptocurrencies. She went “all in,“ having nothing else to lose.

Sam enjoys being the “underdog“ and takes the word “no“, as a personal challenge. From losing 250 pounds to pushing herself into remission, Alyze is always ready to excel in all she does.

As a Blockchain Strategist, Alyze is active in the crypto-community, Women in Blockchain, and sits as an advisor on multiple established and upcoming blockchain projects. She started many crypto “Meetups“ and volunteers her free time to decentralizing education and advocating for those without a voice.

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