Major Mouse Testing Program (MMTP)

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The Major Mouse Testing Program, one of the longevity research field’s leaders in senolytics and stem cells to extend the health span of humans, seeking an online presence of their medical sciences project to acquire support and fundraise their research.

Successfully overachieved and obtained the funds required for the project
Achieved an impactful digital solution that was successful for the crowdfunding goals 
Established a steady fanbase that still contributes to the initiative in different forms
Achieved an amazing rank on Alexa during the desired campaign


Position a new scientific research initiative on the web.


A dynamically innovative digital media suite including web development, brand identity, video editing, social media management, that allows users to be retargeted based on the information they saw last and spent the most time viewing. This was done by designing and developing the project's strategy and implementation from the ground up, adding new content, and implementing a contextual campaign in social media to increase reach by showing prospective audiences the current, and most popular topics and projects to support for the niche.


We’ve achieved an established brand for the project, which generated a number of donations to achieve and surpass the crowdfunding goals of the project. A captive audience was attained which peaked at 12.5k monthly traffic while in campaign while retaining a Monthly Active User flow of sessions on the project's website.

120% Of funding obtained

100% Engaged Audience

Well Established Brand

From The Client

“... very strong listening of needs coupled with a strong digital technicity. For, attendance to two meetings was enough to produce the service in a very adopt and functional way. It is a great pleasure to work with, very well done tasks without taking time nor energy on our behalf...”

~ Edouard Debonneuil / Project Founder

"... instrumental in helping us to set up our lab testing project and providing digital solutions and web development support!"

~ Steve Hill / Project Lead

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