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Life Extension Advocacy Foundation /, is the world's leading crowdfunding platform and reference site for longevity research. They asked for a revamping one of their digital infrastructures & receive social media marketing support to improve topic awareness, increase donations, and raise their organization's traffic.

Established an overall better online presence with 12.5k website sessions per month
Helped improve scientific research by increasing online brand awareness
Achieved a high rank in Alexa with 300k sessions and above per month since 01/17
Increased overall strong digital visibility while running on a solid digital infrastructure


Reach a larger audience with a restructured digital strategy.


A completely new media development suite that allows users to obtain information and interact with online crowdfunding efforts in a super-niche scenario. This was done by redesigning and redeveloping the project's strategy and implementation, adding new content branches, and implementing a contextual campaign in social media to increase reach by showing prospective audiences the current, and most popular topics and projects to support for the niche.


We’ve achieved a better online exposure and presence, established a steady 12.5k/month traffic average, which generated a number of new followers and donations for the crowdfunding programs that enabled an enhanced cross-promotion of the organization's initiatives and increased social impact and awareness for longevity research.

12.5k Sessions p/month

70% more engaged audience

Enhanced Digital Strategy

From The Client

“... exceptionally hard work and skilled at creating engaging content. In my dealings with them, they have gone above and beyond the call of duty...”

~ Keith Comito / President

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